Summer Trip To South Korea day 1

Usually i always said that i hate monday, but this monday would interesting. I had planned not run out from my work that day, even though I couldn’t concentrate with my task :D. I packed all my stuff to my backpacks The Red and The Green. At 3 pm i skipped from the office then heading to my dorm for changing my clothes and took my belonging then going to airport. When i’m riding the bus to the airport it was rainy outside. Lucky for me, when i’m arrived at the airport the rain stopped it’s already 5pm, i made call to Sonia but she was still on the way, so i looking for Dinda whose already at the airport from the afternoon. I haven’t my lunch today, so after looking for Dinda and met her, i’m going  for getting my lunch to Solaria in Terminal 2 Soekarno Hatta Interanational Airport.

The waiters take my order then gave my change. Behind me there is a woman whose very familiar, after thought awhile, i recognize that lady is Sahrul Gunawan wife with her child and babysitter. I’m trying not to look nervous in front of her. ckckckckck. It’s not important thing right? she even didn’t know me, why should i being nervous. My late lunch arrived, i ate it all, without considering anything around me, because i’m very very hungry. While i’m still ate my chicken mozarella with french fries, Sonia called me and told me that she’d arrived at gate 2D, then i’m heading to gate 2D to meet them.

The funny things start from here, after completing self check in at AirAsia counter, we move to immigration counter. Sonia told me immigration officer at my line and her line quite handsome. ckckckckckc, she’s still noticed about it. Then heading to waiting room. Unfortunately our flight delayed about 30 minutes. Because of our hand luggage to much, we decided to sit near the boarding gate for getting first turn to enter airplane and drop our luggage at the cabin baggage. A few moments later, announcer told us to enter the airplane. It’s boarding time, good bye Jakarta, see you next week.

At the airplane we slept tightly, not purchased anything because we were very very tired. We arrived at Kuala Lumpur LCCT at 10 PM, according to my itinerary we should bought tickets for  skybus to KL Sentral. A lady shout the ticket price to passenger in the airport. We bought 3 tickets from her it was RM8 for each ticket. We heading to the yellow bus outside the terminal. Time travel from KL LCCT airport to KL Sentral around 45 minutes-1 hour. Arrived at KL Sentral, according to my itinerary there is should be a counter that sold coupon for using taxi. But there is no longer counter that still operated at this hour. A Malay taxi driver asked me, where we’ll going, i told that we’ll going to Anjung Guest House. After made some offers with him we ride his taxi to Anjung Guest House. Taxi cost about RM40 because it was midnight fare. Continue reading


Preparation for Summer Trip to South Korea

Dear all, finally i have time to write down again my trip to a lovely country, South Korea. But this trip very special because i planned it by my self, including itinerary, budget,  hostel and transportation. This trip also special because i’m not alone, my bestfriend Sonia and her cousin Dinda also join this trip. What should i named it??? “3ceweknekad”??? xoxoxoxoxoxo XD

This trip already planned last year, when Sonia gave me detail info about National Holiday that had been signed by 3 Ministry in our country, I’m very excited for looking cheap flight to another country by AirAsia, at 10th Nov when AirAsia held promotion new flight to Incheon from Kuala Lumpur, with so much conversation between me and Sonia via Gtalk, finally i booked 3 tickets one way  KUL-ICN for 28th June 2011 only IDR1.845.000 3 passengers, so each person should pay IDR 615.000,-. Don’t worry,  I’ll attached my booking itinerary in this post so you could calculate  fares for all flight that i booked.

I knew, that all of you would ask me, why i booked only for one way not for round trip? the answer is very simple, it’s all because  money matters, the fare for going back to Kuala Lumpur from Incheon for 3rd July at date day is very expensive, so we decided to be patient and looking for another promotion next day. I know it would be risk if we couldn’t find the cheapest flight. But, I know God will help us, like someone said “There is a will, There is a way”. Then AirAsia gave our dream come true. A week later another promotion came out,  at 15th Nov we booked flight ICN-KUL for 3rd July 2011 about IDR 2.473.245,- 3passengers, so each person should pay IDR 824.415,-. Continue reading