Summer Trip to South Korea day 2

Maybe I should took my “ANTIMO” yups it’s sleeping pills to make you sleep when you feeling dizzy or want thrown up, but I’m not feeling dizzy , I just couldn’t sleep because I had too much sleep, it’s almost about 9 hours, from Kuala Lumpur to Busan, so when I’m in the bus sometimes I wake up looking around and sleep again, until the bus stop in rest area. After 3 hours, the bus stop at someplace, the driver told us something maybe about how long this bus will rest here, but since we didn’t understand what he said, so I thought we just arrived at Busan, but when I’m looking at an ahjussi who sat behind me he still sleep tightly, so I realized we just arrived in rest area. It would seems like a dumb if I told the driver to pull out our baggage when we hadn’t arrived yet huahahahaha.  Ohh, suddenly I felt had to use toilet, so I’m going out from bus and try to find the toilet, but the rest area too big and  I still couldn’t find it, because it’s urgent I ask an ahjumma whose sat at the bench, I just saying “toilet” then she told me the direction with Korean language, of course I didn’t get it, but her hand show me that I had to going to the left, so I running to the left side, and I found it the very very quite and clean toilet, then straight to chamber and it’s end hehehehehehe. When I washed my hand and face I just realized, hellooooooo I’m alone here, no passenger in this toilet, damn!!!! Suddenly I felt really worried, when I realized my watch showed 1 AM and very afraid would met something creepy, so I decided run to outside and trying to find my bus. Because I’m in hurry outside from the bus  before, I didn’t remember  bus color and the plat number. Trying hard to find the bus, then I heard announcer said something, I didn’t understood either. It’s already 10 minutes struggling find the bus, then I found the bus that exactly same, but when I get in, I couldn’t find my friends, so I out of bus and looking to the front side, there was no “Busan”  words in the  direction poster. So, I move to the left side and saw the poster, there was “Busan” attached in surface. When I get in, I saw Sonia and Dinda still slept, but Dinda suddenly woke up, so I told her that I almost lost my way here and I couldn’t find the bus, but Dinda only nod, then sleep again. Ckckckckckckck how pity I am huhhhh???

When I’m turned on my Ipod, the driver get in, announce something again, but I didn’t care what he talked about, I’m still scared when thought if I lost here, I couldn’t back to Seoul, I couldn’t back to Indonesia, I’ll became beggar, ohhhh it’s scary thing. Then I’ll fall sleep again until we reached Busan at 02.30 AM. It’s already midnight, so there was no public transportation, June already told me that I had took cab to his place, if it cost more than KRW20.000, he said that I should called him, and he would negotiate for me to the driver, but I wouldn’t gave him more problem, so I’ll tried my best communicated with the driver cab. They  approached us, and asked us with hanguk , most of them said “oeddi ga?cniowyrndfbvjhdsfrt*&#@#$)%@@#$%^^&”, I gave them June’s address and his cell phone number. An ahjussi straight made a call to June for convince his place. Let’s called him “Melow ahjussi”. He persuaded us to follow him, from his gesture it seems like he knew June’s apartment, so before get in his cab I asked him how much the fares for 3 of us. Maybe, because when I asked about the fares with sign “3” with my finger for 3 of us, he thought that I would pay KRW30.000, because he still didn’t get what I tried to say, so I write on my ipod KRW20.000, but he refused it, and he still write 30.000, then I write again KRW25.000, but he still want 30.000.

We tried another driver but all driver avoided us, mean while a man with so much tattoo in his hand who looked so strong and seems like mafia approached us, asked us our destination, and straight carried out our luggage, then we started panic, because we hadn’t made some offer but this crazy man straight took our luggage and this man looked so scary, he even tried to fight with another driver.  Of course we didn’t want got in dangerous situation there, so I told this crazy man that I had agreed with mellow ahjussi. Then we took back our luggage and told mellow ahjussi that we would ride his cab. Mellow ahjussi helped us brought our belonging, then he started up the cab, and then we leave that place. Even though the cab fares very very very expensive, but we thought it was better used mellow ahjussi cab’s, because mellow ahjussi more friendly than that crazy man.

Mellow Ahjussi

Mean while, mellow ahjussi asked me if it’s ok if he turned on CD player, then Korean music accompanied us through long road in Busan at midnight. When I’m tried to listen the song, I knew this song, it was one of OST Endless Love, very sad K-Drama starring with Song Hye Kyo, Won Bin, and Song Seung Heon, it’s very old K-Drama, although I couldn’t remember  the lyric but it’s very familiar in my ear, then another ballad song is “bogoshipda”one of OST Stairways to Heaven, another sad story starring with Choi Ji Woo, Kwon Sang Woo, Kim Tae Hee and Shin Hyun Joon, yeah, I’m a Korean Drama addicted, hihihihihi. Then ahjussi tried his best to make conversation with me, he asked me did I knew a bit Korean language, because he used to talked with his language, I still didn’t get it until he told me “annyeonghaseyo for saying hi or hello, and gamsahamnida for saying thankyou”. So I replied him, “ohh, arasso ahjussi, I just knew alittle word in hangeul, mianhae, annyeong, gamsahamnida, saranghaeyo, jinjja, jeonmal,igeo, ireum, eodi, that’s all, I learned it from K-drama”. The ahjussi smiled to me, then he asked permission to smoke because he felt sleepy, then we allowed him. He asked my name, then I told him my name and my nationality, he thought us came from Pakistan, ckckckckckck maybe it just because I used the scarf, he told me “ ippeoyo”, the meaning is beautiful huahahahahahahahaha (trying to seduce me hehhhhh, sorry I’m not interested with old man, that’s what I’m said in my heart honestly).

It already 20 minutes, we haven’t arrive at June place, I’m started worried again. Mean while, the cab stopped not far from police car that parked in the right side. The ahjussi told us to out of the cabs, and told me “Neo Spa”, but June place wasn’t Neo Spa, it was NEOSPOT, but ahjussi convinced me, it was the right place. I told him to call June for picked us if it’s the right place, then he talked with June, I just heard “Ne,Ne,Ne”.  After paid him, we walked crossing the entrance tried to find gate D, right in front of the gate June appeared . It so happy to see him, June was the owner of Forjuneteller’s Zen Backpackers. He told me why I wasn’t called him, he thought I wouldn’t came to his place. I just told him “It so long long long story, I’ll tell you later, ok?”. Then June guided us to his apartment at 15th floor, teach us how to use key for open the gate, using elevator, and told us password to enter the room. It’s already early morning exactly at 03.20 AM, June gave us Busan maps then told us some stuff in his place, such as bathroom, kitchen, direction to subway station, and seafood restaurant near Hyundae beach, and the famous bakery shop in Asia named OPS.

Note from June to help us avoid pork and lard 😀

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