Summer Trip to South Korea day 3

It’s another long ride again to Seoul, at early morning around 4 Am we arrived at Gangnam Express Bus station. The terminal bus is very large, then continuing our sleep at the bench in waiting room. Ticket counter for foreigner would be opened at 6 AM. Just because I’m very curious about this terminal that has basement market, so I start looking around and trying to find any convenience store that still opened until this hour.  But it looks so spooky, I try to find gate to subway but still couldn’t find it, so I’m heading back to the bench, turn on my Ipod, and start sleeping again.

Waiting Room at Gangnam Express Bus Terminal

At  5.30 AM we could see, some citizen started their activity, some people wear rain coat and boots, because it’s rainy outside. I’m headed to toilet and once again I realize that this toilet also clean, when I washing my face some woman headed to big mirror at the toilet, then put make up and lipstick on their face,  the most important thing to heal drowsiness face is eyeliner, Korean girl really like smoky eyes style, and they didn’t even put any attention to me whose keep staring to them :D, then before I got scolded by them I going to outside and searching something to eat, but citizen just started open their shop, I found  food stall selling jajangmyeon and ramen but all written in hangul, so I didn’t know if it contains pork or not. Ahhhh I’m so hungry right now, so I’m back to waiting room again. Dinda and Sonia already wake up, then for early breakfast Sonia gave me biscuits which she brought from Indonesia. We out of stock mineral water, then me and Dinda start searching convenience store. Dinda already found GS25 close to hall where bus parking, there was also magazine stall, at GS25 we bought 2big bottles mineral water that cost KRW1200, the shopkeepers was an old man, I found it interest watching CF from cashier video there was Jokwon, Im Seulong, Changmin, and Jinwoon for advertising model hehehehe it was called hallyu effect. Continue reading