Best Moment in 2011

2011 indeed my wonderful year, as person whose born in rabbit year, I could ended this year with happily. Too much good thing happened in this year, although some bad thing also happened, but it could be seen as lesson to get better life in the future. However, i’m so grateful to Allah that gave me everything till now, thanks to my family whose always support me, and thanks to whole my best friends that always encouraging me in everything I do. So which one was the best moment for this year? are you the one as part of my best moment? ;D

1. Free winter trip to South Korea and got new family.
2. Free ticket to watching live Music Bank at KBS Hall.
3. Free ticket concert for KPop fest, Hallyu star, and 2PM Hands Up Asia tour.
4. Budget traveling to Singapore, Phuket, and South Korea.
5. Past the last day at 2011 with my family member at Medan.

Hopefully, that I could achieve new experiences for 2012, especially find “the right man” for the rest of my life. Happy new year everyone, may Allah always blessing our life. ;D


Summer Trip to South Korea day 5

Today I’ll be tour guide again, as planned before, we would going to Nami Island and Petite France, actually visiting Nami Island was backup plan after knowing that our free shuttle bus ticket to Jeonju only for 2 persons, because I felt it most interesting to visit Nami in winter, but Dinda and Sonia never been there before, so I shouldn’t being selfish right? Also Nami island was in the same train line with Petite France, so I decided to make one day trip to Nami and Petite France.


Finishing our breakfast at 9 AM then heading to Insadong via subway to catch the bus to Nami Island. How to going to Insadong by subway? From hyehwa station (line 4) take subway to Oido station and alight at Dongdaemun Station, then transfer to line 1 to Guro Station then alight at Jonggak Station. At Jonggak station turn to exit no 11 and find Tapgol Park, when I search some information about shuttle bus to Nami Island it was said that adult fee around KRW 7.500 (one way) and KRW 6.500 for children. Arrived at Tapgol Park, I couldn’t see any bus around there, so I’m headed to Tourism Information near the wall icon of Insadong (actually it was ceramic paint that showed 5 green mountains along with 2 moons in white and red combined with blue sky as background). The lady at information centre told me, to going to Naminara Embassy at Insadong-gil, I called Sonia to remember the way to Naminara Embassy, then we found the office at 2nd floor in a building. The lady at Naminara Embassy told us that the shuttle bus already went to Nami Island at 09.30, we missed it, she asked us if we would to make a reservation for tomorrow morning, but I had another backup plan we would going to Nami Island by train.

the icon of Insadong

Get off from office I found a restaurant that attached Lee Seung Gi and Han Hyo Jo scene at K-Drama Brilliant Legacy, ohhh it was a scene their 1st date hehehehe, then I took picture of it, then heading back to Jonggak station. Nami Island could be reached by train at Gyeongchun line, the only subway station that connect to Gyeongchun line was Sangbong station (line 7), there was direct transfer from line 1 to line 7 at Dobongsan station, but it would make us passed through 28 stations, of course it was wasted our time, so I decided take subway to Soyosan station (line 1) then alight at Seokgye station then transfer to line 6 , take subway to Taereung station alight there, then transfer again to line 7 to Sangbong station, it was only passed 15 stations, and it means I saved more travel time. Arrived at Sangbong station then transfer to Gyeongchun line, and carefully reading the sign board because there was also another train to Jungang Line. At Gyeongchun line take train to Gapyeong station.

Drama Location from Brilliant Legacy

Evidence 😀

Time Travel from Sangbong station to Gapyeong station about 40-50 minutes, and usually this KORAIL full of elder, so if you didn’t get empty seat you would stand whole time, but since interval between trains was about 20 minutes so it would be better to jostle with others hehehehe. Inside KORAIL, it seems citizen would spend their weekend on vacation at Nami, a lot of teenagers and some couples brought out picnic basket, some boxes pizza, cooling box, etc. The three of us couldn’t get empty seats, so we ended up standing whole time near the door.

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