Preparation Solo Trip to Aussie

every time I told people around me that i got the cheapest fare to Aussie, whole people felt envy. FYI I got return ticket jakarta-Kuala Lumpur only IDR 150.000,- all in and Kuala Lumpur-Perth MYR 208 all in (IDR 624.000,-). I told you about how to get this fare, I got this flight during Rp “0” promotion by AirAsia around may 2011. I tried to find return flight from Perth to Kuala lumpur, but there was no promo fare, so I ended up booking one way ticket. day by day, month by month, I had planned to going back via kuala lumpur from Sydney or Adelaide,but the promo fare never came. Being nervous about Australia Visa I decided to find and waiting cheapest ticket from Perth to kuala lumpur. finally I got another newsletter from Jetstar at 11th Nov, they held promotion for Perth – Jakarta only AUD 73, due to some taxes charging it cost about AUD 136, but still it was the cheapest fare from jetstar. After booking this flight, I kept searching another flight from Perth to Melbourne, Perth to Sydney, Perth to Adelaide, Sydney to Melbourne etc.

I planned to submit my visa application to AVAC at least 2 months before departure date, but due to my hectic working day I submitted my application after back from Singapore, 1 month before departure date. at that time promo tickets from Melbourne to Sydney (AUD 47), Perth to Melbourne (AUD 110), Sydney to Adelaide(AUD 90), Adelaide to Perth (AUD 130) no longer existed, all fare just like regular fare, the big gap between regular fare and promo fare around AUD 20-50 I regret not booking it in advance, then I ended up decided not to go to Adelaide and Canberra to reduce my expenses.

The most shocking part when my travel mate whose should be going to Aussie with me couldn’t go because her visa being declined by Australia Embassy.the reason her visa being decline was because of she never travel aboard before,it means her passport still clean. It was made me really sad. however the show must go on, nothing to regret, it was planned I had to go there by my self just like first plan when I book this promo ticket. Let’s go, i had to show them my capability, yup!!! I could do it by my self. After collect my visa from AVAC , I got email from power house museum in Sydney which stated Harry Potter Exhibition extended until the end of April. Alhamdulillah, it made my sadness disappear, actually Power House Museum had planned for closing Harry Potter Exhibition at March 18th 2012, perhaps too many people haven’t going there yet, that’s why they extend the exhibit.

I send a message to Minta Ito, my high school friend who stayed at Sydney, I ask her about how to collect my exhibit ticket, then she willing to book it for me and the ticket would be sent to her house at Allawah Sydney. now, I had to make detail itinerary for this trip, it was became the fastest itinerary that I ever made, it completed only in 2 weeks, hehehehe thanks to google,Wikipedia,halal maps,and of course to Allah. money matters mad me decided to book a female dorm at kuala lumpur and Melbourne only for one night, I willing to sleep at airport and mushalla during my transit, but until the departure date I’m still hesitate did I have stay at guesthouse while transit in Melbourne? or is it more comfortable to overnight at airport?

Solo Trip to Aussie start from Kuala Lumpur-Perth-Melbourne-Sydney-Katoomba-Sydney-Fremantle-Perth then Jakarta. hopefully everything went well as planned, when I made this post I still have one free day in Sydney, I wonder where I should going in that day, I consider to go to downtown with bus 555, or have fun at the Boundi Beach, or heading to zoo for visiting Kangaroo and Koala?

if anyone could suggest another place which worth to visit, don’t hesitate to email me or mention to my twitter account @uun_n

Wish Me Luck everyone, I’ll be back next week ;D