Solo Trip to Aussie #Sydney….. Day 3

March 22, 2012

My alarm rang at 03.30 that morning, I ran to the bathroom right away after turned off my alarm. It still dark by the way and I felt a bit chilly atmosphere in the aisle to the bathroom, but I felt relieved after met another female guest in there, of course I should check first whether she is human or ghost, so I looked at her feet first, ok she’s human (she steps on the ground). I laughed to myself why should I think about ghost in the morning? I headed to the 1st showering chamber at the corner and done washing with hot water, then washing my face at the washing stand in front of mirror. Another female guest entered, but now I didn’t care again whether she human or ghost because I’m too busy cleaned my teeth :D. Back to the bed room, after shubuh praying I recheck whole my belonging at the lockers, ok empty, everything already packed, prepare my SkyBus ticket from yesterday and airplane ticket my flight at 7.15 AM, but suddenly Lana wake up. She crawling down the stairs and asked me when my flight? I told her my flight schedule while spraying my “LOVE etc” perfume. She told me that my perfume had the unique scent, and she just curious about my perfume. I showed her my perfume, and she really loves it, I looked at my watch and it’s already 4.30 AM,  need hurry from now on, btw she wake up just to send me to the bed door, so she could say goodbye to me. Lana indeed beautiful and nice girl, hopefully I could meet her again someday. Continue reading


Solo Trip Aussie #Melbourne…..Day 2

March 20th 2012

Landed at T4 Tullamarine Airport in Melbourne, local time at 23.30 PM, but actually it was still 18.30 Indonesian time, and I got this little jetlag, because time difference between Jakarta and Melbourne was about 4 hours. I got to much sleep at the plane and now already midnight in Melbourne. T4 Tullamarine airport was just like a big garage, no air conditioner, no bench, just a place to collect your baggage from conveyor belt. I need to go to prayer room first before finding place to sleep in the airport. FYI, I didn’t book a room at guesthouse for that night, coz I only need to rest for 4-5 hours from now on.

The Prayer room for muslim was in departure lounge at International Terminal (T2), to go there you may just short walked from T4. Heading to International airport alone in cold weather at midnight like this was absolutely dangerous, so I speed up my footsteps. Entered International Terminal and looking around the area. The terminal too empty, it didn’t look like what I imagined before. I had been told by my friend (Defi) that Tullamarine airport always full of backpackers whose transit to or from Sydney, so no need to worry for sleeping at the floor with backpacker buddies, but today it didn’t looks like what she told me before. There was only 3 female backpackers around here. I was headed to the toilet which also empty, I need to clear my face and doing some “business” there, after that trying to find the prayer room.  Finally I found the prayer room which between T3 and T2, closest to the escalator and toilet (see the map). Although the prayer room not big, but it managed well and cleaned, it was also provides holy Qur’an, the prayer stuff, and tap for wudhu, so no need to go to toilet for wudhu.

Melbourne Arrival Terminal

After praying Maghrib and Isya at the prayer room, since it was already passed midnight, I should sleep. At first I didn’t think for taking nap at prayer room, so I just headed to the bench at the departure lounge like another backpackers. The perfect place closest to the wall already been taken by another female backpacker, she puts her body fit to the whole bench. I got the bench right beside her, but my place obviously closest to the automatic door, so it’s freaking cold when the automatic doors opened.  Taking out my magic “kain Bali”, coat and trying to sleep. About 30 minutes I still awake, couldn’t sleep at all. The security inside the terminal started round. Airport cleaning service staff also started cleaning the floor with sweep machine which made terrible noise. It can’t be like this for whole night. I took my red backpack, then rushing to the prayer room again. I need a quite place to sleep, so I covered up my body with prayer clothes, set up the prayer rugs, now it was perfect place to sleep.

March 21 ,2012

Sleep for almost 2.5hours, I woke up earlier. Checking prayer time from my iPad, it hasn’t shubuh praying time yet. Decided to praying tahajjud first, then suddenly I overslept again. I really startled, when an African muslim went inside the prayer room, he also shocked found me overslept there. I stood up for short while, slap my face about 5 times, then started took wudhu again. What a relief, the African man willing to wait out side the prayer room, until I finished took wudhu. After praying, I’m headed to toilet and prepare my self for heading to downtown Melbourne this morning. Continue reading