Solo Trip to Aussie #Sydney….. Day 3

March 22, 2012

My alarm rang at 03.30 that morning, I ran to the bathroom right away after turned off my alarm. It still dark by the way and I felt a bit chilly atmosphere in the aisle to the bathroom, but I felt relieved after met another female guest in there, of course I should check first whether she is human or ghost, so I looked at her feet first, ok she’s human (she steps on the ground). I laughed to myself why should I think about ghost in the morning? I headed to the 1st showering chamber at the corner and done washing with hot water, then washing my face at the washing stand in front of mirror. Another female guest entered, but now I didn’t care again whether she human or ghost because I’m too busy cleaned my teeth :D. Back to the bed room, after shubuh praying I recheck whole my belonging at the lockers, ok empty, everything already packed, prepare my SkyBus ticket from yesterday and airplane ticket my flight at 7.15 AM, but suddenly Lana wake up. She crawling down the stairs and asked me when my flight? I told her my flight schedule while spraying my “LOVE etc” perfume. She told me that my perfume had the unique scent, and she just curious about my perfume. I showed her my perfume, and she really loves it, I looked at my watch and it’s already 4.30 AM,  need hurry from now on, btw she wake up just to send me to the bed door, so she could say goodbye to me. Lana indeed beautiful and nice girl, hopefully I could meet her again someday.

After gave back my room key to the receptionist I forgot to bring my bed linen, so I back to the room again to bring it back. Before leaving the guest house I made hot tea and ate some bread from the kitchen *too early breakfast. Exit from the backdoor, I realized the weather really cold, and a bit drizzling. I dragged my backpack to the road, the road still empty, I met some workers whose still working at the construction site just 1 block from the guesthouse. Arrived at the Southern Cross after short walked,  I got trouble when looking for the door to enter the station, and found it after following 2 backpacker with their big backpack on their back. Travel time to the Melbourne Airport about 50 minutes-1 hour, the female driver asked me to show my ticket, I showed my ticket to her then she allowed me to enter the bus, and told me to put my bag at the luggage section at the front side, then I decide to sit at the back side because I’m still sleepy then continued to sleep :D.

At the airport, still not familiar with the area, I’m asking the passerby which direction I must take to terminal 4. Arrived at Terminal 4 Tullamarine airport, this terminal looks pathetic, no interior and just a big room and some bench. I headed to information board and confirmation for the check in counter for tiger. I met Tiger airways staff, I showed her my passport and ticket, she asked me to put my bag at the weight scale, and allow me to bring it to the cabin. Got my boarding pass, I went to the Gate 3. I had 50 minutes before departure flight, didn’t know what to do again, I watched another episode of Running Man. 20 minutes passed I heard some information that the gate number 3 will be open, the passengers already made a line to the gate, me also joined the line. After 10 minutes queuing on the line, finally my turn to the gate, the ground staff asked me to show my boarding pass, I gave the boarding pass to her, then after she scanned it, suddenly the red lamp and reject sound heard. The ground staff told me this flight is to Perth not to Sydney. Goshhhhhhh!!!! I felt ashamed then heading back to the waiting room. This is my first time got embarrassing situation like this, really want to hide my face on the wall, hehehehe. At 7 AM finally it’s our turn to boarding, well I got sit at number 17F, it means I’m being locked at the corner  by 2 foreigners, well it doesn’t matter at all, because I’m going to sleep again during flight.

Arrived at Kingsford Smith Airport of Sydney, looking around and tried to find my friend Ito, she told me to call her when I’m landed at Sydney, so I called her right away, I thought she had been here, because I texted her my arrival time before boarding. After called her, she told me that she still at home and will come right away, even though I told her that I’m willing to go to her place by train, but she insists to pick me up at the airport, so I just going to the airport corner and looking for electric sources terminal, for charging my phone.

More than 30 minutes waiting for Ito, finally she had came, she didn’t changes at all, just like Ito 4 years ago. Yeah, I met her about 4 years ago, when she visited my dorm at Bandung during my time at university. I hugged her tightly, it’s been long time dear friend. Ito actually my friend during high school at Medan (North Sumatera), and we moved to Bandung for attending university, thanks to SNS (Facebook) we met again virtually there. Ito move to Sydney about 3 years ago, to help her sister (Kak Ony) whose already residing there for long time, now she currently studying at University of Sydney and worked as a nurse. Enough with remembering the old day, we headed to the parking lot. Ito picked me up by her sister’s car, and we headed to her house at Allawah. I got surprised the way she drives the car, which very skillful. Maybe it takes around 20 minutes, finally we arrived at brown flat cluster in Nobble Street, Allawah, Sydney. Ito guides me to her sister’s house, they lived at unit 4. This is my first time experience living at someone house while traveling, I never did something like this before, so I got excited immediately to see how modern this life style.

Sydney Airport, Kak Ony’s Flat at Allawah

The flat has Islamic atmosphere, provides 3 bed rooms, 1 shared toilet and another 1 toilet at the master bed room, 1 living room, the kitchen set, and terrace. It must be expensive to buy a flat like this because it’s actually quite big. Her sister’s not at home that afternoon, Ito told me to have lunch first before we going to the Harry Potter Exhibition. She prepared macaroni schotle which already been made by Kak Ony, and then puts it on the microwave. I still wore my hijab at home, and Ito told me that Kak Ony’s husband going back to Medan, because his father passed away, so I could open my hijab at their home freely, since the only male at this house only Fabian (Kak Ony’s son). Continuing our conversation again, Ito asking about my job and everything, I am also curious about her life in Sydney, and this chit chat activity ended up when Kak Ony and her son arrived at home. Kak Ony felt a little unwell after taking Fabian to swimming pool, because now her 5 months pregnancy, she kept got nuisance sometimes. Kak Ony told us to bring Fabian going out with us, I am really ok with it, since Fabian also a good boy and he adapts towards me quickly. While Ito prepares baby stroller, I packed snacks and mineral water for us.

At 1.30 PM headed to the Penshurst Station, Ito prefers going to the city by train, so we just ride the car from Kak Ony’s house to the station, and then transfer by train to Power House Museum. Btw, train in Sydney had two floors, the train also provides priority seats. From now on Ito will be my guide, even I didn’t open my iPad since we leave home, I trust her more than my device, btw she always refuses my money when I’m willing to buy any tickets, and it made me felt uneasy towards her. She always said “Just keep your money, as long as you stayed in Sydney, you shouldn’t spend any money here, I’ll treat you well”, OMG it’s just like magic spell to me. Hahahahahahaha

We arrived at Power House at 02.35 PM, after showed our ticket to receptionist, they told us to keep our luggage at the storage locker and told us camera and video are prohibited. We entered the exhibition aisle and found some paints features Harry Potter series. The exhibition managed well, they made us in to a group then the door to the Magic Land finally opened. A lady witch already waiting for us in there, she stands at the small stage, holding the “Hat Selection” and welcomes us brightly. After welcoming speech, she asked whose want to trying on the “Hat Selection”. I’m looking around no one raise the hand, so I raise my hand immediately. She told me for sitting on the chair, just like one of the scene at Harry Potter. She asks my name and my original country, “Uun, Indonesia”, I reply her right away then she starts her acting just like Prof. Mc Gonagall, she asks me which one of the dorm that I should entered, I hope I could being a good girl in Gryffindor, but the witch told me that I would be famous and smart girl if I choose Ravenclaw, but I’m insist to get the same door as Hermoine, since I’m also smart like her hahahaha, then she puts the Hat Selection on my head, the Hat Selection finally speaks “Ok, Hermoine Friend’s you told us that you smart, so welcome to Gryffindor”, then I felt like I just got into Great Hall and heard so many applause around me.

The first step, the exhibition would show you Gryffindor Common Room, at this section you’ll find kind of props and costumes, Harry’s school uniform, Hermoine’s casual costume, and  Ron’s school uniform was hanged there. You also got to see the portrait gallery and The Fat Lady paint, the most mesmerizing my eyes and made my eyes can’t stop looking at the 3 wands at the table, yes those are Harry,Hermoine and Ron’s broken wand. At the other table you’ll find some of Neville Longbottom props such as: Mimbulus Mimbletonia (a unique cactus), neville’s shoes which he wore for Yule Ball, the Daily Prophet and Quibbler magazine. Another thing that I want to look closer was The Time Turner, isn’t it most wanted item for all people in this world? Don’t you really want to change your past? and make it to the better one so you would regret anything in the future?

At the other section, I found Harry’s trunk that includes Marauder’s Map (Map for escaping, Harry got it from Ron’s handsome twin old brother; Fred and George) oh well I’m really love both of them, Harry’s round glasses, his Hogwarts acceptance letter, and a photo album. Close to this section there was 2 beds covered by red linen and red curtain, this is Gryffindor boys dorm, and between 2 school uniforms there was the Golden Egg, Harry got it when he got task to against the Hungarian dragon during Triwizard Tournament. Beside the second bed there was Ron’s trunk, including his wand, the Howler and some magazine. Completed touring about the dormitory at Hogwarts, we moved to Hogwarts Classes section.

Harry Potter Exhibition

In there you got the atmosphere for Herbology class with Prof.Sprout, there was also a mannequin wore her creasy gown. What kind of plants that you remembered in Harry Potter movie series at Herbology class? If you asked me, then my answered would be the baby Mandrake!!!! This plant even had horrible voice but has good benefit for treating people whose became sculpture because of the Basilisk attack. I tried pulling out the mandrake from the pot, and the mandrake indeed made horrible noise. Beside this class you’ll see props from Potions Class, includes Prof. Slughorn’s and Prof. Snape’s costumes. Actually at first I didn’t recognized Prof. Trelawney’s costumes until I saw the crystal ball, un-interesting Divination Class, Hermoine really hate this class.

The next room was The Defence Against the Dark Arts class, started with Gilderoy Lockhart’s props (I’m really hate this guy) even though i hate him, I getting closest to his props because of there was Cornies Pixies sculpture, yup that blue thing with the big eyes with its evil horn and grin. In the other corner you’ll find some wardrobe and props from Prof. Lupin class, and the cruel Prof. Dolores Umbridge rooms such as kitten plate, detention quill and paper, then her all around pink clothes. After passing this section, I’m heading to Quidditch props, if you remember the first scene about quidditch there was Madam Hooch’s robes, quidditch equipment, and some quidditch uniforms hung on the mannequin including Harry’s quidditch robes. Before walked in to another section Ito and Fabian entered the wooden room which similar to Hagrid’s Hut, some visitors also entered this room and secretly tried taken some pictures with their camera, me also helped them by covering the door, so no one can’t see that we doing something illegal there, when it’s finally my turn to take pictures by sitting on Hagrid’s big chair, suddenly the female staff entered the room all of us started acting like observing the props one by one and tried not being suspicious then she leaves the hut, and I didn’t have courage for second try. Closest to the hut there was Buckbeak the Hippogriff from Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban decorated by some pumpkins and casual clothing from the scene where they tried to rescue the Buckbeak.

At the corner there was also Forbidden Forest with some creatures which lived in the forest such as; Centaur, baby thestral, and the most scary one Hungarian Horntail Dragon. The next section was Dark Forces, you’ll find props of death eaters, Dementor, Bellatrix Lestrange prison clothes, Voldemort’s robes and wand, tom riddle’s diary, and petrified Colin Creevey made by silicon dummies. The last section was the Great Hall. In this area so many props, starts from the desk with sweets type such as:  Chocolates Frog, Bertie bott’s every flavor beans, Exploding bonbons, The Triwizard Cup, Rita Skeeter’s quill. The other side displayed Goblet of Fire casket and school uniforms from Durmstrang, Beauxbatons, and Hogwarts. Another desk full of papers which actually OWL test papers and progress reports. You could see the Fawkes (Prof. Dumbledore’s phoenix) also stand there. On the last section, there was Yule Ball items, Hermoine’s pink dress and Cho Chang’s white Chinese dress stand out more from others items, then finally Prof. Dumbledore and McGonagall attires placed closed to the artificial great hall’s window and their wands also placed in the glass box besides the attires.

The ending of the exhibition props tour there was items shop. Wands, dorm clothes collection such as: shawl, sweater, t-shirts, beanie, tie from every dorm. Chocolates frog, marauder’s map, official exhibition guide books, and so many worth items being sell. After so much thought, I choose official exhibition guide book which cost $25, yeah so much expensive for a book, but with this book I could tell you this story, isn’t it?

The last but not least for further information you may click on, starting from Nov 3- April 7 the exhibition being held at Discovery Times Square at the New York City after completed exhibition at Sydney and Singapore.

Finished touring at the Harry Potter exhibit, I told Ito that I haven’t jama’ my praying, so Ito brought me to visit her friend house at the city center then I could praying ashar there, but that friend didn’t picked up the phone call, so Ito got the good idea, she told me to pray at the nursing room at the Queen Victoria Building (QVB). On our way to QVB, Ito made our way through Chinese Garden and Darling Quarter. If you visited Darling quarter you’ll passed some attraction around the area such as: Sydney Aquarium, IMAX theatre, Kings Street Wharf, and if you’d like sightseeing by city tourist bus double deck, you could bought the ticket at the sightseeing counter. After walking at the harbor side, we turn to the city street and passing the Oldest Chocolate store named Darell Lea Chocolates at the King Street.

I wonder what kind of various chocolates in that store. When I’m writing this post, and googling about the story behind Darell Lea Chocolates shops I found out that the company under insolvency issue, and now already being take over by Quinn Family, and the business will be restructured.

Queen Victoria Building

Entering the QVB with glamour style architecture, we straight to the elevator and found the nursing room after asking help at the information desk. Maybe, because we wore our scarf the staff at that information desk got suspicious about what would we do in there then he made up his mind to check up the nursing room 10 minutes later. While I’m praying at the corner which covered by curtain, he checked the room, and found Fabian and Ito. Ito still changing Fabian diaper, then he said sorry to them and leave the room instantly. Finishing my duty, we headed to the Martin Place. Martin Place also one of the historical sites in the Sydney, this place surrounded by various building styles and indeed beautiful, we decided to rest a while there before heading to Sydney Opera House.

Martin Place

From Martin Place we walked toward Circular quay station through the ferry wharves, walked at the sea side to Sydney Opera House, the landmark of Sydney. I didn’t skip any chances to taking picture with Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbor Bridge as backgrounds. Sydney Opera House and the heritage walk surrounded by street cafés, then without realized the sky slowly became darker, and we bump in to some couples (normal, lesbian, and homosexual couples), hmm you could seen un-usual things like this in front of your eyes, because this country also being called free country, so I remind you to walk straight normally and not to show your curiosity about their act if you face the same situation like me. Hahahaha.

Btw, if you want to enter the Sydney Opera House, prepared your ankle because you need to climbed the stairs, even though it’s not harder to go to the top, but if you already walked to much from Power House Museum then walked around the opera house actually it’s really tiring, that’s why Ito didn’t follow me to go to the Opera House terrace, she waited me at the bottom stairs. At the front side Opera House, I met Chinese female travelers then asked their help to take my picture, but all those photos which taken by them completely blur. The sky turned to black but still beautiful cause decorated by the stars, night comes and the road more crowded than before, we headed to Circular Quay Station, purchased fish and chips for us at the food vendor closest to the Ferry Wharves, and taking the train Penshurst City Station.

Sydney Harbor Bridge




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