Solo Trip to Aussie# Katoomba….. Day 4

I planned to go alone that day, with train of course. I had map of train route from Allawah to Katoomba on my Ipad, cause I planned it along ago before I came here, so I didn’t have any worries to going there alone. But my plan is just became a short notes that I can’t be done that day. Ito told me that we’ll going to Blue Mountain by car, yes she’ll drive us there, not only me and her but also K’ony and Fabian. I’m not saying that I disagree with this plan, but I just don’t wanna cause more uneasy feeling towards them, I don’t like became burden to them, I’m already grateful that they accepted me for staying in their flat for 3 days, it’s already super duper big help for me. Due to this changed plan, I didn’t have to wake up early morning to Redfern Station for catching the first the Blue Mountain Train.

In the morning I wake up bit late, yups  after shubuh praying  I back to the bed again, and my stomach felt so hurt. We set off from Allawah around 10AM, and stopped by at Lakemba for buying some snacks. Lakemba was famous by muslim residents, about 80% citizen was muslim from different countries, most of them from Indonesia. We arrived at the mart, the owner was Indonesian, she sell original Indonesian products, start from noodles, sauces, oils, seasonings,  even you can buy “bakwan, risoles, tahu isi, and nasi uduk”, Ito told me she always buy “Freshcare aromatherapy” from there, then how about the price? If you convert the price from this mart, it’s about 3 or 4 times higher than original price from Indonesia. You’ll get 2 pcs bakwans for $1, quite expensive though but it’s worth to buy. We also stopped by at Turkish chicken store, ordering the big one roasted chicken, potatoes and Turkish salad which had weird smell on it.

heading to Katoomba

After setting GPS, Ito start driving in the full speed towards Katoomba, unexpected situation started from here, my stomach kept hurt and I need to go to toilet asap. Well, eventually I got diarrhea, I asked Ito to stopped the car at the mart or petrol station,since we haven’t see the petrol station at the left side, Ito parked the car at the convenience store, I run to the mart and ask for using toilet in the mart. How can something like this happened now, suddenly I remember the same scene 2 months ago in Tokyo(I’ll tell about this later), then hoping today not became worsen than that day. Ito also came to toilet for checking me, because I spent about 15 minutes there, she asked whether I’m fine or not. After that we continue our journey to Katoomba, not far from the convenience store we found the petrol station, and refill the tank. I just knew this petrol station self service, just like vending machine, choose desire amount of petrol then insert the money, and pull out the pipe, the petrol would come out automatically, then suddenly I forgot my sickness.

Time travel from Sydney to Katoomba about 1 hour, arrived at the parking lot Blue Mountain, the chilly air grasp my body, windy and cold autumn air made us heading to the Three Sisters Café, and order hot chocolate. At three sisters café, I took some pictures with big Koala doll, beside the café there was The BoThe-O which offered local wine tasting for free, although I’m not interesting in it, but I curious about the chocolate port in there. On our way to Echo Point, I spotted music performance from Aborigin ethnic, they used one big piece of tree to produce the sound, it looks like giant horn. Arrived at Echo point and finally I got to see the incredible Three Sisters. Subhanallah, this is really the wonderful scenery from echo point. I took so many pictures in there, then heading to another side for enjoying this beautiful scenery.

The Three Sisters

Heading to Scenic World and buy attraction ticket, actually I only interested to buy skyway return ticket which only AUD16, but K’Ony asked the ticket counter about other attractions then we decided to buy Valley return ticket AUD 21 which combined scenic skyway, walkway, scenic railway and scenic cable way. The first ride is scenic skyway, this cable car has glass floor, so it felt like you walk on the sky, the skyway fly from east station to the valley.

Katoomba Fall

While going there we stopped at cliff view lookout,  This experiences gives you breathtaking scenery, you could seen Katoomba Fall under your feet, and Three Sisters looks more beautiful from here because it 360’ views. The operator at the skyway told us about the Three Sisters legend and what around us, but I already busy taking some pictures and videos in there. After enjoying scenic skyway we headed to ride the scenic railway.

Scenic world

This railway with incline of 52’, the train travels down which gave you more breathtaking scenery and unique experiences, the train had 3 sections and only builds up with bench without any safety handle at the left and right side, you just need to steady your grip into steel net above your head. We decided to go up and choose the 3 last seat rows from the top section, to get the rollercoaster effect. Ito, K’Ony and Fabian sat in front of me, I sat alone and still handle the handycam in my right hand, so I need more effort to capture good videos. The train set up then we going down to the valley.  I’m out of breath because I’m screaming to much while we passed the dark tunnel in such speed, but then I realized that I’m the only one who scream there hhahahahhaha. Arrived at railway station, we walked to the Jamison valley.

Walking at the valley gave different experience, you could smell the wet threes accompanied by flying bird and chipmunks that jump here and there, just like one of the scene at the avatar or twilight film series, so many pines threes in here. We stopped by at Katoomba Coal Mine, the place showed us diorama at coal mine office. If we looked through the window office, from the inside there was censor to detect the passerby, so the censor will turns on the tape and told us the story about the mine. Beside the office there was also ventilation furnace, which had another censor to turn on the fake fire inside the mine, if you looked in to the mine there was another diorama inside. The scenic walkway more focused about the story of Katoomba coal mines, this walkway can be done only in 20-25 minutes in slow steps.

Katoomba Coal Mine

After the scenic walkway the last one was the scenic cableway, the cableway can delivers more passangers than the skyway, but it didn’t provide any seat inside unlike the skyway and without glass floor. When we stand up in the line waiting our turn, we met others Indonesians and one funny Aussie old man. He jokes randomly and made us laugh and the bored feeling leaves us right away. After entered the cableway, I found out that there was also Korean travel group, most of them above 40yo, they looks so happy enjoying the sight just like us. The cableway travels the opposite direction of skyway, but still gave us beautiful like paint images.

The Scenery

Arrived at finish point of the attraction, there was also souvenir shop. I asked Ito some advise, is it worth to buy souvenirs in here or at the Paddy’s market, then she told me better to buy it in Paddy’s Market, but if I insist to find the special one from Blue Mountain, just buy it in here. After much thought, finally I bought a kangaroo doll with the Blue Mountain logos on the chest. While I enjoyed searching others souvenir, K’Ony and Ito purchase 2 group photos that being taken before rode the scenic railway, K’Ony gave me one of it she told me it was a present for me, all I can do only smile brightly and thanks them properly.

Leaving the souvenir corners, we pulled out the lunch box and set it up at the wooden table at the park closest to the parking lot. While ito and me setting the table, K’Ony went to toilet for wudhlu and prepared for ashar praying. I didn’t bring my praying clothes, so I intend to borrow it from K’Ony. The weather is nice, but still cold and windy. K’ony set up the prayer mat behind the tree and she prayed there. When we prayed, some visitors passing by us, felt curious about what we were doing there, some of them also taking pictures without asking us.ckckckkck

The table full of food, Ito set up my plate with lot of rice, but due to my uncomfortable stomach I asked her to decrease it, the roasted chicken indeed very delicious, although it’s not hot anymore. I wonder about the salad taste, because Fabian looks so enjoyed his meal with salad, I tried it just a little and refuse to get more, because I don’t like the weird smell from topping, it’s really doesn’t suit my taste at all. Finish our late lunch, Ito asked me the next destination. Well, I didn’t plan others destination, since we don’t know we still have more times to spent, but after looking at Google Maps, we decided to heading to Mount Blackheath. Packing up the lunch box, then we headed to the north.

Actually, this is also my first time hearing that name, so I didn’t expect so much from this place. Ito set up the GPS again, now we only trusted the GPS, since Ito also didn’t know any interesting place around here. The road to the Mount Blackheath was very unusual, with uncertainty feeling we follow the instruction from GPS, and we entered the lane, this lane brought us to the small valley, closest to the mountain. It took only 15 minutes to the mountain, but it felt so long way, also nobody else beside us heading there, so it added the curiosity and worried feeling. At the top of the mountain we found the sign board “MOUNT BLACKHEATH” then Ito stopped the car there. Fabian already slept beside his mom, while K’Ony got nuisance again. Me and Ito leave the car and going down to the lookout.


Here we are at the mount Blackheath, this place has strong wind, and maybe it often used as the take off place for paragliding. The scenery over here was very beautiful. Thank You Allah for everything, for letting me be here and enjoying your gorgeous creations. Something like this can’t be done by human. Current temperature already at 13’celcius, after taking videos, pictures, and screaming to the air, we decided back to the car. On our way exit from the valley, Ito nearly hit the Kangaroo which running to the forest, because we still in the forest mountain it’s not strange to meet the Kangaroo here, but I’m not lucky to get the picture of it, because it ran so fast. In the left side I realized there was stable, and the white horse stood closest to the gate, I asked Ito to stop for a moment. This horse remembered me about The Shadowfax, Gandalf’s horse in The Lord of The Ring movie.

The Horse

The sky getting dark and Ito speed up the car, on the way back to Allawah I can’t hold my eyes which really want to close, but I didn’t dare to do it, so I kept talking with Ito. Ito knew that I’m already tired, so she let me to sleep. Instead of sleeping I decided to take pictures of the road and I found a signboard to Liverpool, in Australia there is also the city named Liverpool, not only in England, and on the way to Hurstville we passed the Beverly Hills area, there was a railway station named Beverly Hills, all I know about Beverly Hills was just a famous city in California which home of many famous movie star, so I don’t know The Beverly Hills in New South Wales stands for, maybe I need to googling it after this trip.

the highway

We arrived at the Allawah around 6.45 PM, what a long and tired journey. K’Ony looks really sick, she going to the bed right away. I help her to accompany Fabian whose still busy with his game. I also help Ito picked up the laundry from balcony, the strong wind made us can’t stay any longer outside the flat. For dinner Ito made pasta again, and I enjoyed it happily. Tomorrow I am going to CDB alone because Ito needs to worked. She told me that she will picked me up tomorrow at the Paddy’s Market after work. For early tour, I slept early that night. Can’t wait what and who I’m going to face tomorrow.


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    • There was so much blogs about traveling these days,you could start blog walking.if you ask about some forum i would recommend for you to try “trip advisor or lonely planet” 🙂

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