Solo Trip to Aussie#Sydney….. Day 5

I used to wake up early that day, coz I wish to visit more places in Sydney. Set off from K’Ony’s flat at 9 AM, I walk to Hurstville train station, the closest one from the flat. The weather is windy but quite warm. After purchased the return ticket, I walked to the platform gate, but the gate being closed, still not sure about the situation, I move to another gate but also closed, then finally I found the announcement that said “the train won’t operate today due to rail work, please change to bus”, there was a direction mark to the bus stop. What a relief, that the bus route also include in my map, there was 2 routes, route 6 with limited stops and route 7 which stop in every station. I choose to ride bus route 6, all I need just calm and concentrate, trying to not fall asleep until reach the central station. Stupid me, I didn’t realize that the central station was the last stop, so everyone would get off in here, if I know from the start I could take the picture and video from the bus.


Arrived at Central station bus stop, I’m heading to the station and take train to the circular quay. Inside the train, I decided to sit on the second floor, enjoying the view from the train window. The seat at the second floor was the same one like in the first floor, but the space for feet I thought a bit narrow, coz I can’t straighten it.

At the circular quay, I can’t hide my admiration while seeing the cruiser RADIANCE of the SEAS. I had ever seen a cruiser in Japan while visiting Yokohama, but this one looks more incredible, because whole cruise body was very close to the walk side, unlike the one at Yokohama. This cruiser it self already become tourist attraction, I wonder how much it cost for one ticket in to this incredible cruiser. Some passengers already line up here to enter Sydney Overseas Passenger Terminal. Well one day I should try traveling by cruiser too. Continue reading