Solo Trip to Aussie#Sydney….. Day 5

I used to wake up early that day, coz I wish to visit more places in Sydney. Set off from K’Ony’s flat at 9 AM, I walk to Hurstville train station, the closest one from the flat. The weather is windy but quite warm. After purchased the return ticket, I walked to the platform gate, but the gate being closed, still not sure about the situation, I move to another gate but also closed, then finally I found the announcement that said “the train won’t operate today due to rail work, please change to bus”, there was a direction mark to the bus stop. What a relief, that the bus route also include in my map, there was 2 routes, route 6 with limited stops and route 7 which stop in every station. I choose to ride bus route 6, all I need just calm and concentrate, trying to not fall asleep until reach the central station. Stupid me, I didn’t realize that the central station was the last stop, so everyone would get off in here, if I know from the start I could take the picture and video from the bus.


Arrived at Central station bus stop, I’m heading to the station and take train to the circular quay. Inside the train, I decided to sit on the second floor, enjoying the view from the train window. The seat at the second floor was the same one like in the first floor, but the space for feet I thought a bit narrow, coz I can’t straighten it.

At the circular quay, I can’t hide my admiration while seeing the cruiser RADIANCE of the SEAS. I had ever seen a cruiser in Japan while visiting Yokohama, but this one looks more incredible, because whole cruise body was very close to the walk side, unlike the one at Yokohama. This cruiser it self already become tourist attraction, I wonder how much it cost for one ticket in to this incredible cruiser. Some passengers already line up here to enter Sydney Overseas Passenger Terminal. Well one day I should try traveling by cruiser too.


My first destination is The Rocks, it has been recommended by Ito yesterday. Later, I found out the place being called The Rocks because of the building around this area built by local sandstone, although the buildings look old but it has a good shape and seem very sturdy. Just like “Kota Tua” in Jakarta, this place has numerous old beautiful building such as, cafés, museum, warehouse, hotel, etc. Walking from the Sydney cove towards the Rocks square, you would surround by the old local café buildings, without any worries I intend to walk down via some narrow aisles that has some historical story inside it. After across the street beside “Fortune of War” Sydney’s oldest Pub which built since 1828, I walk towards the Rocks Market at the left side.


The Rocks market which operated every weekend, this market has about 100 stalls lies from beside Orient Hotel which build since 1844 in Argyle st until Playfair st. At the Argyle Street you can find Sydney Visitor Centre, I bring back about 10 free post cards from there for souvenirs. The Rocks market sells Australian souvenirs, dress, local foods, paints, herbal medicine, etc. Walking along this market right at the end of shopping street at the Playfair St, you’ll find Sydney Harbor Bridge. Already tired walking, I sat on the bench under the tree beside the market. Watching people around me, then again I start talking by myself about this and that, laugh behind them and smile freely. What a free life, but when think about my holiday only 1 day remaining suddenly made me feel so upset.


I start walking again from here towards the Sydney Bridge, the area around here was a bit deserted and scary for walking alone, but I made it in to the corner of the warehouse building which right under the Sydney Harbor Bridge. Indeed the view looks more incredible from this point. The buildings that made from sandstone had unique colors, a bit yellow but also had brown figures in it, incredible I think. I walking down to the George street, passing by some empties old house, cafes and buildings. A bit curious whatever inside those buildings, I tried to walk near the one old house with my camcorder at “ON” position, I didn’t expect to meet or would seeing ghost or anything just want to capture a visual of this entire old house, I’ll keep it for my precious items by the way. The old house even had the underground room, I can see it from the walk side, but I couldn’t go there because the building locked.


I walked toward another side of market from Orient Hotel to the Argyle Street, and still going forward until I walk under the main roadway which across the bridge that had known as Bradfield highway. At the end of this short tunnel, I found a church at the opposite side and still walking until I found the bench under the trees, rest for a bit and then I took out my mineral water, the wind keep blowing my face and made the air around the tree more fresh. While resting on the bench, two couples exit from the church. There were two brides with their beautiful wedding dress waiting for the car, both of them sitting comfortably at the church terrace.

I walk to the church deliberately to see the brides face, and found out they were Korean, just listening their conversation I could recognized it right away. After passing through the brides, I walk back to the tunnel and met the grooms, both of them still paying the parking fees from the machine. Finally not far from the tunnel I found the Argyle stairs, after climbed the stairs I found the sign to Cahill walk that lead me to Bridge Climb, although I am not interested in climbing the Sydney Bridge, I just want to walk closer to the Bridge and taking picture right under the bridge, that’s it. After across the street I found the Bridge Stairs which lead to Bradfield Highway, I’m already on fire while climbing the stairs but on my half way to there, I’m already out of energy, even I can’t record any videos properly during this time.

Reached the end of the stairs, I’m finally at the Cahill Walk, the Sydney Bridge still far away from here but I’m absolutely tired, so I just ended up standing there, looking around and reading short article about the bridge and canceled my desire to take the picture under the bridge, then before leaving the place to get fish and chips for my lunch I realized there was something in the sky. Well, there was an absolutely rich man who proposing to his girlfriend, he rent a kind of aircraft and it turn out the fog from it to words “MARRY ME JANE”. Wow, this is my first time seeing a romantic event in real life like this, even though is not for me, but I’m really happy to see it. While recording the sky, a passerby asked me whether the proposing for me or not, hahahahahhaha, I told him is not for me, but actually I’m really hope that someone would do an amazing event like this while proposing, but still not to cost a lot of money.


I walked down the Bridge Climb after recorded the proposing message on the sky completely, tried to find another way back to the Sydney harbor while recorded “the answer”, being too focus recorded the sky messages then I realized I took wrong path, I’ve been losing in the some aisle not far from the main street, still following my instinct and going down the stairs to find the Argyle street. I decided to walk at the Rocks Market again for vanish my loneliness, and bumped into street singers around the area, due to my hungry stomach, I’ve been rushing to the circular quay to get my fish and chips, but I ended up enjoying acrobatic performance near the cruiser parked. About 15 minutes standing there with other visitors, and I couldn’t hold it anymore, I need to eat now before my sickness showed up.

It’s good choice to enjoy fish and chips and guessed what, I’m not the only one lined up to get it. I met Indonesian visitors while standing in the queue then we talked for a moment before my turn to order. After got my Fish and Chips and said farewell to them, I’m looking for shady spot to enjoy my late lunch. There was a good spot for having lunch, the stairs under the tree, some visitor also thought same as me, but i’m not fast enough to get that spot because more than 10 teenagers heading there, and sat on the street stairs under the trees that I’m really wanted, so I walked toward another side and there was also some bench closest to the building under the trees, I sat there and a couple sat at the left bench and an old lady sat at the bench in the right side. There was some pigeons looked for their food on the ground, I really loved the view in there.

Finished my lunch, I’m headed to the shuttle bus stop 555, the CBD free shuttle would brought you around CBD area of Sydney, I intend to get on that bus but I didn’t. Daring walking alone again in these main street, I got the chance to see street artists at circular quay bus stop  whose painting on the floor, even though I’m not familiar how to describe a paint, but I can tell the certain creature in his paint, it was Centaurus a half man and half horse. The creature often participates into brave and fierce characters at some fictional movies such as Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, and Narnia. Deliberately, I decided to walk at the Pitt street until reached the Paddy’s Market, although it takes about 40 minutes, but I’ve been so much enjoyed  it. I entered some souvenir stores to get good souvenirs for my dad and my mom, it should be the best one in reasonable price, coz I didn’t spare much money for souvenirs. In a store, I found out a polo t-shirt for AUD 30 and a bag about AUD 35, winter boots made in Australia tagged in AUD 250, well I leave that store immediately. Hopefully I got a bearable price in Paddy’s Market later.


Still on my way to paddy’s market, at the intersection with there was a big green truck coming from the opposite direction with siren rang around the city and surprisingly there was white ribbon at the front side, and this white ribbon usually used for decorating the wedding’s car, when the truck passed by me I could see the bride and the groom waving their hand happily to the citizen, and people at the street suddenly stop and gave them applause and congratulate them, me also immersed by the scene around me and also gave them my waving and applause to appreciate their unique style. Not far from Paddy’s market I met a girl doing cosplay, she dyed her hair in mint color not sure if it’s her own color or just a wig.

Paddy’s market, indeed all what you need, any kind of souvenirs could found here, after looking around from ground floor to the second floor, I end up entering a small booth at the ground floor, I’m going there because some of the visitor also Indonesian, after chat for a while and knowing the price for some souvenirs, finally I asked the owner how much should I paid for all, while asking the total price the owner talked to her daughter in Korean and I’m already excited to start speaking in Korean.

Me: “어머, 한국 사람이니까?? (you are Korean?)

Owner:  “네, 어떻게 아라요? 어디 나라에 왔어요?”( Yes I am, how do you know? Where do you come from?)

Me: “인도네시아 사람이예요, 한국어를 네 달 배웠어요”, (I’m Indonesian, I had learned Korean language for 4 months) I said with my perfect smile.

Owner: “아이고 너무 잘해요”, ( You are so good in it)

Me: “아니에요, 아직 잘못해요, 그럼 어머니, 이거는 까까 주세요, 네?”,(No, I’m still lack in it, so can you give me discount for this?) I tried to get discount.

Owner: “안돼요, 이거는 싸요”, (No I can’t , this is already very cheap).

After many discussed with her and still can’t get the price that I want, finally I’m agreed with the price she offered. Honestly I still confused, did I really no good in bargain anything? or she is the one that persist to her price. Not far from her place, I’m heading to t-shirt store. The t-shirt only AUD 10 for 3 pieces, quite cheap I thought, without any hesitated I started choosing 6 from it, and bought a polo shirt for my father which cost AUD 10, this one was the same as I saw in the souvenir store at the Pill street before, the same quality with low price. Suddenly, I got message from Ito, she told me that she couldn’t pick me up at Paddy’s market and nobody at home, so I must heading to Lakemba station after shopping and back to flat at Allawah together with Ito. My hand already full of plastic bags, after put it all in my backpack, I’m heading back to central station it was the closest station from the market, but I get on the train at the wrong line. Lakemba was in Bankstone line, and I got on the train south coast line, I thought Lakemba in the same line as Allawah. After checked the Sydney City Rail Network map, I decided to get off at Redfern station and took the train for Bankstone line there.


About 15 minutes I need to wait at the Redfern station until the train to Lakemba departed. When the train arrived, I straight headed to the second floor and find the comfortable seat beside the window. So I can enjoy the scenery out there. Due to another rail work I need to transfer to the bus again at the Sydenham station and get off at Dulwich Hill Station. Due to this problem I need to purchase another ticket from Dulwich Hill Station, since my ticket only valid until Sydenham station because that station also passed by both Bankstone line and South Coast line. When I’m heading to vending machine to get the ticket, 3 young people beside me talking in the familiar language, oh well they were Indonesian too because they speak in Bahasa Indonesia. Feeling so happy to meet people from the same country, I barely asked them how to purchase the ticket from this machine because I never used it before. I thought they would help me because we had same nationality, but I got it wrong.  They didn’t give any friendly gaze after I found out that we were from the same country, and just leave me alone there. Well, maybe because both of us from different ethnic, so they looked down on me. Even though I never behave racist to others, but sometimes I got treated like this and sadly it was always from “that ethnic”, me also didn’t know what kind of reasons for the people whose always behave differently to some ethnics, however this situation gave me lesson learnt.

After successful purchased the train ticket, I entered the train again and sat at the second floor again with gloomy face. However, that situation sometimes made your mood down suddenly. Arrived at Lakemba station, i walked outside the station and waiting Ito. After 5 minutes waiting Ito arrived at the intersection and I get on the car right away. At the car I told her about my bad experiences with these 3 people, and Ito told me that sometimes foreigners even more friendly than your own friend, but don’t be sad for it because not all people like that. We headed to Lakemba because there was an event being held at someone house. Their house turned in to Islamic Center which established in 1998. Entered the house and I asked Ito the place for praying, because I haven’t prayed dzuhur and ashar. Ito escorted me to the living room which turned in to mushalla (praying room).


After that, Ito explains the situation in this house. People in Lakemba 80% was Muslim and most of them from Indonesia, they always held Islamic event in this place, because this family already living here more than 15 years. Right now, the host have celebration event for giving birth her daughter, it was also Islamic tradition to held the event and praying for the new born child. The host also prepared Indonesian traditional foods and drinks, I can’t even help my self not touched these yummy foods. After praying and listened to the speech for almost 45 minutes, father of the baby cut some pieces of her hair as being told in hadist by Prophet Muhammad PBUH. After closing prayed, the host invites whole guests to having dinner which already well organized by them. Foods and drinks set up in the long table, these were separated for man and woman section for making it looks tidy up. Without having any hesitated after long turned in queue, I can’t hide my happiness for tasting these Indonesian foods although it just 5 days after leaving Jakarta, I’m already missing this kind of taste. Huhuhuhuhuhu

Having wonderful dinner and met sisters from the same religion always gave another precious experience for me. That night before heading to Kak Ony’s flat, Ito drove me to beach side and parked at the Asian grocery store. After purchase some snacks and fruits we finally back to the flat. Arrived at the flat, I decided to shower first before rearrange my bag. It’s really sad to know that tomorrow morning I need to leave Sydney so early. Actually, I decided taking the train to the Kingsford Smith Airport but Ito forced that she will drove me there. I had no choice better than this one, so I took that offering right away.


2 thoughts on “Solo Trip to Aussie#Sydney….. Day 5

  1. What a brave young lady.
    Even I was backpacker, I didn’t have such guts like you traveling alone – envy with you ^^.
    But I envy you the most is, when you can attended KBS Music Bank, and saw Yonghwa in front of you.

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