Solo trip to Aussie #Fremantle….. day 6

My alarm started rang on 04.00 Sydney time, wake up with my bloated face in a rush heading to bathroom for showering, my flight to Perth this morning at 07.10 AM local time by Jetstar. While crosscheck my belonging, Ito told me for having breakfast before heading to airport. Ito prepared breakfast for me when I’m taking bath before. I’m not that hungry, but towards my grateful for her kindness and sincerity I took a slice of bread and drank hot tea in one shot. Before leaving the flat, I’m heading to K’Ony’s room and sent my farewell to her.

I’m going to missed my day in this third floor flat, I’ll come again someday. Ito lock the flat door, and help me carried one of my luggage, she start the car engine and open the garage door, and we leaving Allawah right away. Early morning heading to Kingsford Smith Airport it was really bad idea, because it’s really quite outside, just wondering what will happen to me if I’m going out alone now, thanks to Ito kindness. After 20 minutes drove with the high speed finally we reach the airport, surprisingly the parking lot already full, Ito bravely parking at the special zone then we realized that place is for valet parking which cost more, Ito told me to heading inside the Terminal 2 and process my check in first. When I’m getting off the car I still can saw a security approaches Ito’s car and talk to her and I found out it cost about AUD 36 to park in there.

Like a dumb, I don’t know which side that I need to go, wandering here and there and looking at another passengers, there was no check in counter as it used to be, the only thing that I found out is check in machine and I don’t know how to operate it, after a while Ito approaches me and realizing the situation right away, she also didn’t understand the procedure and we can’t find any Jetstar staff around there. After 10 minutes standing closest to the check in machine with dumb face, a woman came to us and oh well so here she is Jetstar staff, I gave her my booking paper and the boarding pas finally just came out from the machine, ohh no I looks like someone stupid. Finally time to separate now, after gave her my last farewell, straight heading to waiting room. I haven’t pray shubuh yet because the time for praying hasn’t come, so I decided to do it later at the waiting room. The waiting room still deserted, I take the bench at the corner and doing my pray as well 20 minutes later, and didn’t care what happened around since I’m a bit sleepy.

Time to boarding at 06.50AM, there was still no shops and cafes which already started their business, I’m already getting hungry so I ended up heading to the plane without snacks and some drinks. Flight JQ986 heading to Perth ready to fly, I sat on the number 4E it means I’ve been stuck between foreigners, due to my sleepiness I started sleeping without realizing anything around. After 3 hours sleeping on the sky then I suddenly woke up and surprised that I’m still on the plane, well I just realized that time different between Sydney and Perth about 2 hours, so flying from Sydney to Perth almost 5 hours, what a long flight, to kill the time I’m watched another episode of 1N2D and fall a sleep again.

At 10 AM local time, I’m already landed in Perth International Airport, heading to coin locker and paid AUD 10 for 8 hours rent coin locker. Today destination is Fremantle, it is an island closest to Perth, I planned to go there by Perth train. Start my journey by heading to the bus stop and get on bus no.37 and purchase Day Rider ticket AUD 10 to St.George Tce. Time travel between the airport and Perth City almost 45 minutes, so I could took another rest in the bus. Arrived in St.George Tce, then get on the Blue CAT bus for free and get off at Perth railway station.

On my way to Perth Railway Station, I found a place that provides public services for visitor or should I call it for backpackers? That place actually not a hotel or hostel, but just a common building at the alley to Perth station, but they provide shower room, bedroom, toilet and ironing services. It cost quite expensive since for using shower room you need to pay about AUD 15.

Before entering the gate to the railway station, I need to show up my Day Rider ticket to the guard bar. Get on the elevator and headed to Platform 7 which for Fremantle Line. Just wait for 5 minutes finally the train arrived. This is my first time ride on Perth train, no empty seat in this coach, so I’m headed to the next one, and sat side by side with other foreigners. Perth train is user friendly for disability passengers, I met a passenger with her wheelchair could get on to the coach easily. Time travel from Perth Station to Fremantle station about28 minutes, but you wouldn’t get bored since so many things to see on your way to this place.


Arrived at Fremantle station, I followed the others to the exit gate and got CAT bus map before going out the building. Fremantle Station looks old but beautiful, this building remains me about old station building that I used to see in some movies, definitely the best place to start your Journey in Fremantle. Fremantle station located in the main area of Fremantle so it’s pretty easy to access whether by walk or by CAT bus.


I get on Red CAT bus, my first destination is Fremantle town hall. The only reason I have to visit town hall because there was Fremantle Visitor Centre, better ask first than get lost and can’t going back hahahaha. Just in front of the town hall there was Smoke Free Event at the park. I decide to take a look the event first before heading to Fremantle Prison.


After looking around the event and taking pictures of the area, I went to CAT Red bus stop at Queen street shopping precinct for catching this free shuttle bus to the old Fremantle Prison. Arrived at Fremantle Park bus stop and get off, from there I walked toward Hampton road, from there I could see a big pile of stones like a fortress, and found Fremantle Prison sign board. Walking for 15 minutes in hot weather made me sweating a lot then finally I found the gate to this old prison. After entered the gate, so many tourist inside, an old man guide me to ticketing office for prison tour, but indeed the price too high for me, and I’m not the only one who felt it. For great escape tour and the cheapest one it cost AUD 19, well I could get fish and chips and the cold drink with that money, so I refused the offer and just looking around the “free area” such as prison gallery.


This Prison gallery had prison collection and some art exhibitions. The gallery was very well managed, there had some pictorial of the daily convicts and the story about the picture printed quite easy to read on. Another side of the gallery you can see “an underground prison” like hole, featured some prison tools and materials made me felt another scary sadness life. Before leaving the prison I bought a red standard pouch with Fremantle prison logo printed in the surface, so I can use it to bring some stuff. I intend to take another way to bus stop unlike the previous one, because I want to go around the prison from the outside.


After 10 minutes I realized that I didn’t going back to the way, and trapped in Perth residence, I guess that I must be took the wrong way. I check my position via google map from my Ipad, but the signal from Vodafone very bad, hmmm this is what you called “lost”. I opened again another Fremantle map that I saved before, and read it carefully. Finally I found the main street again after walking more than 30 minutes. Fremantle very quite and I didn’t met any passerby on my way to bus stop, probably because it Sunday, so everyone heading to market or café at the central area. After get on the Red CAT bus again, the next destination was Fremantle market, for having lunch. So far, when I’m searching about Halal Food in Fremantle, I can’t found anything including the mosque. So I decided to pray dzuhur and ashar on the bus heading to the market.


The things that I’m really grateful, the bus not crowded and my feet need more resting. Arrive at the Fremantle market, I’m heading to some café and food vendors looking for fish and chips, I’m searching for the vendor which served only fish & chips without having pork and bacon in their menu. After 10 minutes walking back and ward, I found a food vendor which only served fish and chips. I ordered fish and chips regular with cheese flavor, and cold mineral water. While waiting my order, I found out the owner was Korean from their conversation. Next to me another female solo traveler also order fish and chips, from head to toe I can realize this girl was Japanese. I tried to be friendly with the owner by saying “Gamsahamnida” when they bring me my food and the owner smile brightly and answered “ne” as reply. Maybe I’m too hungry that’s why I sweep all my food in a glance.

Finishing my lunch and I started looking some souvenir to bring back home in the market. I bought 2 aprons, 1 table cloth, and some souvenir magnets with Perth background. Before leaving the market, I purchased another mineral water and then walking outside. Right besides the market building there was circus street performance. I saw the man standing in the thin pole with the wheel at the bottom and people made a circle surrounding him and gave him cheers and applauses. I do joining the hustle and enjoying the performances for 10 minutes, and then walked away from there toward Town Hall again. This sightseeing activity not bored at all, since I captured some interesting buildings like café, National hotels, and the peoples, in addition with bright blue sky far above me and the sun shine which hot but windy completing my last day in Australia.


I reached Fremantle station at 03.30 pm, lucky me the train already in the platform. I showed my Day Rider ticket, and get on the train. I fall a sleep until the train reach the last destination in Perth Station, I’m so carefree to sleep in the public area as well. After get off from the train, I’m heading to souvenir shop at the William St near to the station, just to purchase some stuffs for my friend and aunty. Finished purchasing all souvenirs that I needed, since today my last day in Aussie and in Perth as well, I’ve decided to get on CAT bus heading to St.George Tce for catching Transperth bus no.37 which took me to Perth Airport. When I reached St.George tce it’s already 5.10pm which means I missed the bus that should be here at 5.07pm, so I decided to looking around again and going back to bus stop at 5.30pm for catching next bus. While sightseeing here, I found kangaroo statue at the park in front of Supreme Court building then I realized I haven’t take picture with real kangaroo, the icon of Australia. Sad to say, I failed visiting the zoo with Ito because of her tight schedule. I take some pictures of this kangaroo statue and rest for while in the bench next to the statue.


Heading back to bus stop, finally had to say farewell for this quite city at the Western Australia. The Transperth bus no.37 stopped in front of me at 05.07 pm and I showed my Day Rider ticket to the driver. On my way to airport I decided to make video recording with my Ipod. Arrived at Perth Domestic Airport at 6.21 pm then headed to baggage storage and taking out my backpack from the locker. It’s time to pushing around my luggage to “Connect” bus stop which take me to International Terminal. 10 minutes waiting at the bus stop finally the connect bus arrived, the driver helped me lifted my backpack, and i sat on the front seat. At the next terminal, Japanese female solo traveler get on the connect bus and she sat beside me, then after 1 minutes silent we started standard conversation between 2 female solo traveler.


Arrived at Perth International Airport, no need to rush, I had more than 6 hours before my flight JQ114 that take me to Jakarta. I’m headed to toilet for washing my face and change my clothes to sweater, done with it then I sat on the bench at the waiting room, then I met this Taiwanese girl. I forgot her name, we started our conversation because she needs my help to look after her luggage before she going to toilet, I’m agree with her and let her finished her business hehehehehe. After 15 minutes she came back from toilet and sat next to me, then from our conversation she told me with her poor English that she just came back from Cairns, although she can’t speak English well but he made it to Aussie by herself, I’m so happy to meet her it seems like I met another me from different country. 50% our conversation using body language, because I can’t speak Taiwanese as well and she can’t understand English, so body language the only option left for us. I want to buy some bread for my dinner but she offered me her sandwich, she brought it from Cairns then we enjoyed our dinner with 2 pack delialfresco sandwich. 3 hours I spent my time chatted with her on the waiting room then we take picture together before farewell.


The check in counter finally opened at midnight, I’m headed there for getting my boarding pass and dropped my baggage, for today flight I asked to seat at the window. Before passing immigration counter I’m looking around some shops at the airport, I only had some dollars left, so the things I can purchase only for snacks and drink. While queuing at the immigration I met another female solo traveler from Indonesia, we had the same flight JQ114 from Perth to Jakarta then again I forgot her name and asking her phone number. She told me she spent holiday only in Perth by stayed in her friend’s house for a week. After passed immigration counter and got another random security checked again and again in this section, then we sat at the waiting room and spent our time by chat. At 01.50 am finally time to leave Aussie and heading back to Jakarta. My wonderful journey would be ended today, because this morning I need to rush to my office and started my daily life work and work and collect more money for next trip, no other than backpack journey to Europe. Thanks to Allah for his great blessing and allowed me to enjoyed this meaningful journey then realized how big His creatures in this world.

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One thought on “Solo trip to Aussie #Fremantle….. day 6

  1. Assalamualaikum and hi there Nurul!

    A very inspiring journey you had.I just wondering if you could share the overall budget 4 the 6 days journey (backpacking of course) in australia. I really looking forward your reply. Thnk u

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