Preparation Winter Trip to Japan 2012

First of all i need to apologize to my lovely reader for delaying update this blog, but i trying hard not to waste my time again, and i plan to finishing this story before the end of this year.

how should i start this story?
My reason for getting another trip during winter based on these points.
First of all, i had promised to my mom that i would bring her along with me in my next trip, the second was that i want to visit the country where my childhood dreaming was born. FYI, i was born along with Doraemon, Sailormoon, and Samurai X aired in local tv channel, then finally that day has come, my dreaming to visit anime country finally appeared. i booked a flight to japan by Air Asia, as always i got promo ticket to Osaka from Kuala Lumpur only MYR 652, and it was the lowest fare from Air Asia, cause this is the first time their held promotion fare for Osaka.
Actually, my visiting to Japan already being planned with book author Claudia Kaunang, we had promised to make trip to Japan with her, but since she haven’t informed us the exact day for this trip, and as you knew seat promotion from AirAsia also limited, so I decided to go there without her, and once again i had to struggle for showing up my capability that i could survive during my traveling day in others country without travel guide. But this trip also had so many meanings for me, cause i brought my mom along with me, so she could felt my traveling style :D.

August 11th, 2011
That night after long discussion with Mb Rika, i bought 3 roundtrip tickets Kuala Lumpur-Osaka-Kuala Lumpur. The cost for roundtrip MYR 652 for each person,and i bought flight CGK-Kul only IDR 274.000/person and flight KUL-CGK for IDR 537.000/person, so total flight cost around IDR 2.767.000,-.
We completed the itinerary about 2 months later. As stated from Japanese Embassy before, i should submit my  visa applications in Medan, because it was divided by jurisdiction area . I booked another flight to my hometown in Medan at 2-5 Dec 2011. I planed to off from office only 1 day for managing my visa application with my mom.
At 5 Dec 2011, we headed to Japanese Embassy at Wisma BII building closest to SunPlaza at Jl.Diponegoro no.18 with my brother in law, he drop us in front off the building. After asking the receptionist we headed to 5th floor. We were the first guest there, after filling in guest book, the security told us to wait at the outside and he brought only 2 chairs for us. I can saw my mom face a little bit nervous because this is her first time involved in this matters. I want my mom also knew the whole process, how to submit visa application, attending the interview and collect the visa. At 9 AM, finally the officer called me, and asking some questions regarding our purpose to Japan. He was surprised by the fact that we’ll go there without travel agent and wondering how i completed my itinerary in details.

After re-check & re-arrange the order of whole documents, the officer told me to pay IDR 325.000,- for each visa and we can collect our visas next week and gave us the receipt. I gave the receipt to my mom because my mom will collect it later. Now let Allah and Japan embassy do the rest. I hope our visa will be approved. We going back to house by taxi, and once we arrived at home, my younger aunty whom the same age as me insist to join our trip. She booked her flight that day right away and preparing require documents. If you want to know what kind of requirements needed to submit your Japan visa, i suggest you to open this below links for details:

As far as i remember I’d back to Jakarta at Sunday. At the next Friday my mom send me a photo via bbm, i could saw my Japan visa attached in the passport. All praises to Allah, Alhamdulillah, I passed one obstacle. Now, it’s time to booked baggage for my flight, For winter trip at least you have to booked 15kg baggage per person, since you need to bring warm clothes and thick coats. I intend to buy new winter coats for me and my mom in Tokyo, my friend told me since the time i landed at Japan in winter, no need to worry for purchasing winter clothes, we can find it easily and absolutely in low price with high quality material.


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