Married, it’s new beginning….

Sonia: halo un, i want to introduce a man for you, high quality bachelor…

Me: well, please not now, i’m in the waiting room, i’ll do my certification exam in few minutes later.

Sonia: he is a friend of my friend’s husband.

Me: whatever, i call you later when i’m done. however i don’t have time to think about relationship right now.

Sonia: it’s up to you, don’t regret it later… yo have a chance, but you don’t want to grab it?

Me: DAMN…… you make me curious… ok let’s talk about it later.



3 weeks later.

Me: i don’t think he would like my appearance, he want someone better than me.

Sonia: what do you mean?

Me: i don’t think we’ll fit each other. he want a good muslimah, not someone like me.

Sonia: so, what will you do now?

Me: i don’t know. hmm may be let’s just end it.



2 months later…

He: so, when i can meet your father?

Me: (hold the breath….) soon, after i finished my job in Timor Leste.

He: ok, so when will we get married?

Me: (silent… looking at the floor)mmmmm


that’s how it’s begin… curious about what happened before that day?

wait until the next post 😀