About u_un

Odaiba, Aqua City πŸ˜€

An ordinary woman with too much dream, and slightly I’m become big dreamer. In my 24th years old, i just want to do what i want to do, i don’t like people disturb me in doing what i like and what i want.

I’m a 3rd child of my family, spend my childhood just by doing what my parents told me, and feeling grateful when my parents gave me freedom during my college life to live separately from them. No other excuses, except i just want to become a mature woman and i can being independent by myself.

Currently, i’m working as an employee at one of Telco, graduated at Telkom Institute of Technology majoring in Telecommunication Engineering. Nowadays, i had much interested about South Korea and traveling to another country. So if one of my reader had too much money and you don’t know where to spent it, don’t hesitate to send it to me *devil mode.

Towards my 25, I’m really hope i can meet the right man that i can rely on him, and having my own family. Like i told you, i’m just ordinary woman. πŸ˜€





17 thoughts on “About u_un

  1. ooooo
    nama sampeyan tuh awalnya johanna to???

    Salam kenal ya…

    jangan lupa alamat blog-ku ditambahin di blogroll sampeyan.

  2. @putrichairina
    sebenarnya gak ketularan siapa2, cuma saran dari beberapa teman kantor, mereka bilang, kalau isinya cuma tulisan doank, kurang menarik perhatian….. jadi menurut mereka, dengan ditambahin gambar, membuat orang tertarik pada pandangan pertama hahahaha πŸ˜€

  3. akhirnya nemu blog mbak uun juga

    ini rifki mbak,.. dulu anak PDKT 07,.. waktu itu mbak uun jadi SC kan,.. heheheh

    ijin nge link blognya ya πŸ˜€

  4. @ wielda: duh.. semangat menulis ku luntur wiel, diterpa badai kesibukan, bukannya blog mu juga jarang diupdate yah????

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