Behind Me!!!

-Travelers Wannabe

As an employee, i couldn’t freely traveling around the world, that’s why i completely jealous toward travelers from others country, they have sooooo many annual leave. During my childhood, my father always arrange his free time for picnic and sightseeing to some place. Furthermore, he’s also had to moving from one city to another city according the letter of assignment which he got from the office, it was make me almost visiting whole rural area in North Sumatera. My mom told me during her lifetime with my dad, there was the scariest place named “Gedong Tiga”. That place where my 2nd sister and me was born. My grandmother and some relatives always told me scary stories about this place. No wonder, i became addict about ghost story although sometimes i became coward. hehehehe

-Being “Ahomiya”

I can’t find another word that suitable to describe this activity except “Ahomiya”. I found this word when i’m watching one of my favorite Japan Dorama “Hotaru No Hikari”. Ahomiya was named for a single woman at her twenties whose really like to spend whole day at home just by lying on the floor and only doing unimportant activities such as reading manga, watching K-Drama, and sleep. Sometimes i found myself just like Ahomiya. 😀


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